Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae
University of Copenhagen
Institute for Greek and Latin
Njalsgade 90, DK-2300 KÝbenhavn S

Inventory of Microfilms and Photographs

List of fields:

Location[The town (eg. Athens, Paris) or area (eg. Sinai, Athos, Patmos) where the MS is located]
Library[Name of the library in the native language or English]
Fund[The subdivision of the library, if any]
Signature[the call-number of the manuscript. If the older literature refers to this MS by another no., the old one is given in (parenthesis)]
Folia[indicates the folios or pages photographed]
State[is "complete", if the microfilm represents the entire MS; "incomplete", if the MS is only partly photographed]
Text[the manuscript type (or types, if compound); eg. Sticherarion, Heirmologion, Euangelion etc.]
Provenance[the place of origin if indicated in colophon, or suggested by somebody (references in parenthesis)]
Date[the approximate (eg. 09 = 9th cent.) or precise date (eg. 1453 = 1453 A.D.) of the manuscript (references in parenthesis)]
MMB[indicates in which shelf or box the film or photographs are to be found]
Melodes[ascriptions to traditional composers/melodes in the rubrics of the MS. Only some MSS of the later Byzantine tradition has been examined for this field]
Author[if the MS contains prose text(s) (eg. musical theory), the author(s) is(are) indicated here]
Notes[various notes on the contents of the MS, state of notation (Coislin, Chartres etc.; none = Round Notation), bibliographical references etc.]

Greek is transliterated into Latin characters. Note especially the following table:

Cyrillic characters are transliterated according to the ISO-norm, but without diacritics.