MMB - Publishers

Selected MMB volumes can be obtained from the following Publishers:


The first house publisher of the MMB was the Copenhagen-based firm Levin & Munksgaard (1935-1938). The company later changed its name to solely Munksgaard and was again engaged with the MMB 1949-1992. During WWII and shortly after, two volumes were published in the 'American Series' by The Byzantine Institute, Boston (1940-1952).

MMB Principalis 3a-b were issued in Italy by the Libreria dello Stato 1950-1951. Two volumes, Principalis 11-12, were prepared by the Copenhagen publisher C.A. Reitzel in 1992-2000. Meanwhile, the Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften had taken responsibility for Principalis 10a-b in 1987, and for vols. 1-5 in the series Corpus Scriptorum de Re Musica, CSRM 1985-1998.

The Copenhagen university publisher Museum Tusculanum Press has collaborated with MMB on Subsidia 5.a (2016) and Subs. 9 (2011). Recently, the MMB has initiated collaboration with Brepols Publishers, Turnhout in Belgium on the publication of CSRM, vol. 6 (2020).

This article was updated on 24 september 2021